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Ting Realty LLC is a full-service advisory and brokerage real estate company that helps people with all aspects of their real estate needs.

Watch the Gender Reveal

Baby Ting #2 has arrived!

We are so happy to welcome Jemma to our family, thanks for all your prayers!


JasTing's Blog (currently under repair)

Jason's blog detailing his journey to financial freedom, family travels, deals, and life musings.


Here's a little background info about me. Tell me about you, and let's connect!

  • Humble Upbringings

    Born in Tulsa, OK to two immigrants, Jason has witnessed his parents live the American Dream, coming from poverty to where they are now.(In 1978, his father arrived in America with $75 to his name.) His parents taught him the value of education and hard work to achieve his goals. Jason writes about his life, musings, and his own journey to financial freedom via his blog.

  • Formal Education

    Jason is a 2001 graduate of the prestigious Oklahoma School of Science and Math, a public residential high school. He graduated from Tulane University with a Biomedical Engineering degree. In 2005, he returned home to Tulsa, starting a dual MBA and Medical degree program at Oklahoma State, completing the MBA degree but leaving medical school with a Masters in Healthcare Administration instead.

  • Informal Education and a Real Estate Career

    Jason's first investment in real estate came in 2005. In 2006, he took his first property management client. Ting Realty LLC was formed in 2011, to further help clients in their real estate investments. It was in this industry, unknowingly, Jason found his lifelong career and passion.

  • Son, Husband and Father

    Jason's desire to find that special someone to share a lifetime with came to fruition with a fortuitous business scouting trip to Australia, where he met his wife. Jason currently has two children, with plans for more. Jason maintains a close relationship with his parents, and they all reside in Tulsa, OK.

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